Sunday, January 1, 2017

In Now Is Real

In Now Is Real
Rls 2/11

Who knows what a songbird sings
Don’t name it
Who knows what a season brings
Can’t tame it

All that I know
All that I see
All that I feel
In “now” is real

Who knows what love can bring
Don’t name it
Who knows what’s happening
Can’t tame it

All that I know
All that I see
All that I feel
In “now” is real

I live every day open to the mystery
Nothing’s for sure
Except the possibility
I give in to each day
Writing my own history

Who know’s life’s true meaning
Don’t name it
It’s love that I’m treasuring
Can’t frame it.

All that I know
All that I see
All that I feel
In “now” is real

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On    
2/21/04 Rhonda Laurie

How am I gonna make it through
How am I gonna right the rain
I’m walking on a bumpy road
I’m sorting thru some tough terrain

Tomorrow is another day
Perhaps another chance will come
I’m hoping for a better day
Uncertainty just isn’t fun

Wishing on a falling star
Looking for a lucky clue
Try to see the glimmers of light
Thru a tunnel
That I just don’t seem to get thru

Forever is a long long time
I can only make today sublime
Each moment is a start anew
Thinking that might get me thru

Trying hard to let it go
Let it be-it’s time to grow
I understand the ups and downs
But the show must go on-this I know

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Red, Red, Robin

Red Red Robin

Freedom to give
Movement to free
Frames how we live
With intensity

Freedom to speak
Singing to free
To be who you  are
Is your responsibility

Freedom to grow
Growing to free

Live, love laugh and be happy

Out Of Time

Out Of Time

Not being with it
Not feeling fine
Having enough but still
Out of time

Nothing there to borrow
Not even from the blues
There’s plenty of it there
But lacking the right cues

Not in sync, but out
No syn-chro-ni-ci-ty
It isn’t just a feeling
It’s more a way to be

To get back in the groove
And get out of that funk
Being in the moment
Is the way to end that slump

(being with it , feelin fine in the groove and back in time!)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mystery Bop

Some of my poems read more like lyrics. So for this one, you might imagine a bass playing "Rhythm Changes" behind it....

Mystery Bop
Rls 11/02

You do too much is what she said to me
Gotta pare down your phil-os-oph-y
Isn’t about how much we can say we do
It’s all about staying pure and (being) true

But what if I like it when it’s mes-sy and rough?
It’s still kind-a rare..
It’s still kind-a tough.
What if I like to wait before I simp-li-fy?
I’ll just never know unless I try

You tend to over-do is what she said to me
Gotta pare down  on your ac-ces-sor-ies
Isn’t about what we adorn ourselves with
It’s all about the real you and not the myth

But what if I like it when it’s over the top
It’s over-dram-at-ic
It’s mystery bop
What if I like to wait before I simp-li-fy
I just want to try and reach that pie in the sky!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

For Annie

For Annie

Rhonda Laurie 2011

They were grey-blue, her eyes
Unlike mine
She lived alone, died alone
And she was kind

I will never know her
But I now can hear about her
See images of a time gone by

Standing less than five feet tall,
She had no choice
Too small to be heard
She had no voice

She went away, you know
As if nothing ever happened
And no one even asked
No one.